ResistEmoji Beta

Welcome to the Closed Beta for ResistEmoji, a new iOS sticker pack from Blue Bulldog Digital.

A very select few are being invited to this closed beta. To participate in the beta please fill out the following form.

The beta will run for one week (unless extended). To participate you’ll be asked to download the Sticker Pack using the TestFlight app. TestFlight is available free in the iOS App store, and is the official testing app used by Apple. Further details on how to install the beta app will come in a follow-up email, hopefully before Monday.

You’ll also be asked to review the stickers, text other members of the closed beta, and take a short survey at the end of the Beta. If you have any questions shoot me a text (703-314-8280) or email. Finally, if you have close friends you’d like added to the Beta test, let me know and I’ll send them an invite.

Note: ResistEmoji does require an iOS device.

About ResistEmoji

The sticker pack for social, racial and economic justice!

Fights to protect and expand social, racial and economic justice are alive like never before. ResistEmoji, a new set of messenger stickers for iOS, provides stunning graphics in support of these fights. ResistEmoji believes that the efforts and campaigns to expand rights and equality can’t only be sustained by activists and organizations. These causes need to be part of the lives of the huge numbers of people who support and are affected by these issues. ResistEmoji gives everyday people a set of powerful iconography so they can integrate the causes they care about with the way the communicate in everyday conversations with families and friends. The graphics invoke specific campaigns and causes but also time-tested symbols of power, resistance and populist uprising.