Launched in 2015 Blue Bulldog Digital merges organizing strategy and campaign vision with powerful digital tools to help non-profits and unions meet their goals.

Christian Norton

Founder and CEO

Christian specializes in both the strategic and technical components needed to run a high performing digital program. He spent nearly a decade working directly for non-profit organizations in Washington, DC. His final role before founding Blue Bulldog Digital was as Communications Director at Working America, the largest affiliate of the AFL-CIO. Over a 6-year period he grew their communications program from little more than an email list into an award-winning, multi-capacity department. The organization became well-known in the labor movement for its integrated use of email, text, social media, online advertisement and earned media. The program helped win many legislative and electoral campaigns.

Christian also worked in the online and communication departments at Campaign for America’s Future and was the Director of Support for Wired for Change (now part of Salsa Labs). Christian is based in Chicago, IL.

Walter is Christian’s 6-year-old Olde English Bulldogge and the company mascot. Walter is a master of many skills, including sit, shake, crawl and fetching the mail. Arguably the most famous team member, Walter has been featured on the front page of Buzzfeed, been pinned nearly 1500 times on Pinterest and has had his identity stolen for illicit use on a crowdfunding site.

Kelcie Glass

Social Media Contractor

Kelcie is a public relations and marketing professional based in Washington, DC. After graduating from UNC, Chapel Hill, Kelcie was a marketing coordinator at Corporate Executive Board. After a few short years there, she left to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Her freelance communications projects force her to be ahead of the social media curve, and to find new and innovative ways for businesses to connect with consumers, members, and allies. She maximizes the effectiveness of social media channels for her clients, by creating one-of-a-kind campaigns, having consistent messaging across platforms, and by using untapped marketing tactics. In addition to her social media expertise, she is heavily evolved in community relations and non-profit work in the D.C. area.

Kelcie’s pug, Pepito, is also excited to be a member of the Blue Bulldog Digital team. His dominant, type A personality and eagerness to be involved with every team call helps to balance the work he doesn’t get done because of his need for day long naps.

Karen Freund

Copy Editor and Proofreader

Karen Freund is a copy editor and proofreader with a varied background as a translator, legal secretary, office manager, communications manager and cabinet finisher. She possesses a sharp eye for detail and a firm dedication to getting the words just right. A graduate of Middlebury College, Yale University, and the Pushkin Russian Language Institute, she has worked at the US Embassy in Moscow, on the 27th floor of 30 Rock, in the Crown Building (directly across Fifth Avenue from a certain real estate developer’s tower), at a publishing company in Minnesota, and at a small family cabinet shop and a medical society headquarters in Illinois. She has created, formatted, edited and managed corporate magazines, websites, digital newsletters and social media streams. Currently working for a family-owned low-income housing management company in Alabama, she plans a move home to the much-missed blue Northeast in the near future. Karen believes she is the only member of the Blue Bulldog Digital team old enough to have voted against Ronald Reagan, twice.

Addiction to a number of websites and Facebook pages dedicated to cats and a volunteer stint at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society resulted in Karen’s accidental adoption of two black marauding feline teenagers, now each one year old. Katniss and Joakim (the latter named after former Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah) are keeping Karen on her toes, and are cute enough to get away with a lot of mischief.